Churn rate

January 31, 2009

My last post referencing a commit was at r8247, which happened about ten days ago. I just sat down to skim the recent commits for anything interesting for y'all and found we're at r9018 — that's over 700 commits in between.

This project moves so fast it's hard to keep up with even when it's your full-time job. (I'm responsible for only 12 of those commits; my commit rate has fallen recently as I've been working on getting Flash to work on Linux, which has been a lot of reading of code and careful prodding.)

Having read through them all, I'd say the majority of the changes are related to the Mac/Linux ports, steady but slow progress on matching upstream WebKit, and stability in general. Kind of boring, but it's all necessary to get the "beta" channel running with a WebKit newer than half a year old.