First post

December 13, 2008

I intend to use this blog to point out interesting changes or discussions that happen on the Chromium project. It will certainly be biased towards my interests, particularly internals and Linux*; I don't especially care about the UI beyond getting it to work on my platform of choice.

A bit about me, as relevant to this blog. I think I started running Linux around the 2.0.30s, which I guess means around ten years ago. I remain a free software zealot but care less about the details of my systems these days. I joined the Chrome team with the intent of making it work on Linux and instead got caught up in feature work for the initial release, though I still managed to nag my teammates about portability all the while.

* I use the term Linux to mean unix-like operating systems that run X11. I'd love to see our stuff work on the BSDs etc., and there's no fundamental reason it shouldn't, but there's also no simple word that covers that.