The zen of monads

July 20, 2013

From a monad tutorial written in 1970:

"The more you understand our thinking, the more you find it difficult to talk about it. The purpose of my talking is to give you some idea of our way, but actually, it is not something to talk about, but something to practice. The best way is just to practice without saying anything. when we talk about our way, there is apt to be some misunderstanding, because the true way always has at least two sides, the [practical] and the [theoretic]. When we talk about the [practical] side, the [theoretic] side is missing, and when we talk about the [theoretic] side, the [practical] side is missing. We cannot speak in a [practical] and [theoretic] way at the same time. So we do not know what to say. It is almost impossible to talk about [monads]. So not to say anything, just to practice it, is the best way."

(Not actually from a monad tutorial, but rather adapted from Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.)