March 29, 2013

Making things — writing, software or blog posts — is hard. The end result is always unsatisfactory. I like to say: the only clean code is the code you promise yourself you'll write next time.

A younger me would recognize this and point it out, sometimes semi-anonymously sniping other people's work. I wasn't a cruel person, I think, more just frustrated that there is so much human capacity available and so much of it directed to frivolous or wasteful or pointless things.

As I grew up and realized I was simply wrong. Fail is dead.

Even the very worst software, the most incoherent (or worse, seemingly coherent but systematically flawed) blog post, at least was a chance for its author to focus and create — to gain some of the practice that is necessarily on the path to greatness. Making anything requires overcoming self-doubt and time constraints and distractions and it's something to be implicitly happy about, regardless of the result.

I'm a little embarrassed by everything I've made, including this post, and that's just fine.