New blog format

September 21, 2011

(Apologies in advance for a very low-content post.)

I read an article that pointed out that the core weblog format — a page containing a stream of articles in date order — doesn't really make sense anymore. That is, it surely still makes sense to collect essays, and you may as well collect them by date if you have no better axis, but the primary view where you spew the most recent N posts together on a single page doesn't stand up to consideration. Most of my posts are entirely unrelated to one another.

If you examine it, I think that format dates back to an era where people maintained a single page by hand. Then, as people moved to databases, it was an easy query to replicate that behavior.

So I've changed the format here. The front page now contains the meta-information (who I am, what this is) that people typically attempt to stuff into a sidebar on every page; the post pages themselves are now just the posts along with a link back to the front. I think, if we were inventing the format now, this format would be a more natural choice.