Ghosd -- on-screen display (OSD) with transparency

(last updated: 2006-08-08.)

Ghosd is a library for flashing information to the screen in an attractive manner. The venerable XOSD has served many well, but I wanted something that looks flashier. To that end, Ghosd supports:

It's a tiny amount of code and available under the MIT license.


This code is very new, and the API is likely to change. Do not expect it to be too nice yet.

How to get it

Download a release from the download directory.

How to use it

See the GTK-doc output for API documentation. The distribution includes the examples pictured above and some others, like how to integrate with a glib (GTK) mainloop or how to do animation.


A screen-captured movie of an exaggerated fade-in. This program is three function calls using Ghosd.

ghosd.avi [426KB]


These screenshots are taken from example programs included in the Ghosd distribution. (I intentionally put some junk in the background so it's not so plain-looking.)

The text demo displays text:

text example

Here's a close-up of the rendering:

text example

The image demo shows how you might display an image:

image example
Evan Martin,