Class LiveJournal::Entry
In: lib/livejournal/database.rb
Parent: Object



KNOWN_EXTRA_PROPS = %w{revnum revtime commentalter unknown8bit useragent}   A list of extra properties we’re aware of but don’t wrap explicitly. Upon retrieval stored in the props hash.


allowmask  [RW] 
anum  [RW] 
backdated  [RW] 
comments  [RW] 
event  [RW] 
itemid  [RW] 
location  [RW] 
mood  [RW] 
moodid  [RW] 
music  [RW] 
pickeyword  [RW] 
preformatted  [RW] 
props  [RW]  A hash of any leftover properties (including those in KNOWN_EXTRA_PROPS) that aren’t explicitly supported by ljrb. (See the Request::GetEvents#new for details.)
screening  [RW] 
security  [RW] 
subject  [RW] 
taglist  [RW] 
time  [R] 

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

Get the numeric id used in URLs (it’s a function of the itemid and the anum).

Render LJ markup to an HTML simulation of what is displayed on LJ itself. (XXX this needs some work: polls, better preformatting, etc.)

(The server to use is necessary for rendering links to other LJ users.)

Parse an entry from a row from the database.