(last updated: 2003-10-18.)


FotoBilder is/will be a free system for managing online photo galleries. Development is gathered at the LiveJournal community fotobilder.

I was writing the Windows client for handling photo uploads.


Last version was built 2002-Oct-21.

Download setup.exe.

setup.exe is a full setup program (which adds FotoBilder to your "Send To" menu, etc.), and it now (in theory) detects which OS you have while installing and installs the appropriate (Unicode / MBCS) executable. It is safe to run the installer multiple times without uninstalling in between.

The source is retrievable and browseable online via CVS:, module fotobilder-win. The ReadMe has information on development, if you're interested. See also my page on Windows for developing software with Windows.

Evan Martin,