lines spent

...if we wish to count lines of code, we should not regard them as "lines produced" but as "lines spent"...
— Dijkstra

For the last while I've thought of my role on Chrome as a "janitor": I've touched (and built) enough things throughout the codebase that it falls on people like me to make cross-cutting cleanup changes. This visualization shows the accumulated effects of my changes to the tree over the last year.

Each bar represents a commit. Green represents added lines, red removed lines. Each bar is centered at the cumulative added/removed count from my commits: the first commit is centered at 0, and if it net added code, the next commit is shifted accordingly. Hovering a bar shows part of the commit message.

More details: this data was computed via git log . Commits that had >1000 adds or deletes were elided (those typically were imports or removals of large third-party modules), as were commits that touched under 5 lines. The code is on github.

PS: like any visualization of code contribution, please don't read too much into it; some of the most important work I've done was three days of thinking followed by a two-line change.